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Phone: 03 9557 7130
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COVID19 Updates

Questions & Answers

If you have a question regarding the school's response and planning to the COVID19 situation please follow the link below to ask your question within a 'Google Form' and the answers will be populated on this page.

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Here are the updates that have been distributed this term.

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Whole School Return Pick Up and Drop Off Zone - June 9th 

Review of Drop Off and Pick Up - May 26th 

Return to School Pick Up and Drop off Zones

Update 8 June 1st 

Update 7 May 25th 

Update 6 May 18th 

Update 5 May 11th 

Update 4 May 4th 

Update 3 April 27th 

Update 2 April 21st

Update 1 April 14th