Welcome to St Paul's Bentleigh

Welcome to St Paul’s School Website.

At the very heart of St Paul’s lies the desire for the full flourishing of every child across their social emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical learning. We are committed to achieving high standards through the use of data, research and evidence-based practice as we aim to maximise the potential growth and development of each child.

Our students are involved in a world that is fast moving, where jobs of the future are yet to be imagined.

We strive to build a strong culture of learning together, where questioning, inquiry, imagining, problem solving and digital literacy will support students into the future.

‘When the process is working well, students are led to connect, create and design for a brighter future.’

                                                                                                                                                        Horizons of Hope

St Paul’s is supported by a strong parent community who are committed to authentic partnerships and collaboration between home and school. Families work and learn alongside each other and form strong bonds of support and friendship across the community. Trust and respect for one another are key to building positive relationships.

The staff at St Paul’s provide every opportunity for the students in their care to grow within a safe and nurturing learning environment. As Principal of St Paul’s I warmly welcome you to come and visit us and have a tour of our beautiful school.

Freda Tahtouh




Digital Citizenship

At St Paul's it is always our endeavour to provide the best possible resources to all members of our school community.

Below are links to important resources to assist families navigate the ups and downs of raising kids in the digital age.

Family Engagement Resources

eSafety Parents & Carers